Sub-contract Work

Sub-contract work is available on an ad-hoc basis or a mid/long term contract during busy times of the year (i.e. March and September). To be considered for sub-contract work the following criteria apply:

  • All risks Goods in Transit insurance cover to a minimum value of £350,000 for an eleven car transporter (pro rata). A detailed copy of your policy must be provided.
  • Transporters must be fully equipped with soft tie down straps and capable of securing all vehicles by means of over-wheel tyre strap.
  • Transporters must be mechanically well maintained and comply with UK construction and use regulations. Their paintwork and outward appearance must be in good order.
  • Sub-contractors must not sub-contract any consignment to a third party without the express permission of ECM.

Ad-hoc Sub-contract Procedures

To enquire on the availability of loads or weekly contract hire, contact ECM Traffic Department on 01228 573491 or The rate will be agreed in advance and a purchase order sent within one week.