Promise to Customers

  1. We will focus our attentions upon delivering a service that is superlative in quality and value for money.
  2. We will continue to reinvest in and promote new concepts of transporter and systems design which succeed in the criteria of minimising damage risk, increasing productivity, reducing administrative error, quickening the processing of information and broadening the scope of our activities within our industry.
  3. We will share the rewards of our advancement with the companies who support us by reflecting the benefits of new technologies in the style and pricing of our services.
  4. Subcontracting, where permitted, will be restricted to peak periods using only approved carriers of a proven and recognised standard and not without prior knowledge and consent.
  5. Our response to abnormal requests will be constructive, helpful and supportive.
  6. All urgent enquiries will be responded to, if not immediately then within the hour, and non-urgent enquiries within the same day.
  7. We will supply reliable up-to-date statistical reporting on vehicles status, lead time and damage analysis.
  8. Claims for Damage/Shortages will be dealt with promptly and agreed sums settled upon receipt of invoice.
  9. Every vehicle we handle will be treated as our own and we will work to the best of our abilities to ensure that vehicles arrive at their correct destinations unspoilt and within the prescribed lead time.
  10. Our fleet of lorries and trailers will be mechanically maintained to the highest standard possible to achieve ’’best in class’’ status.
  11. We guarantee that through the appearance of our transporters, drivers and staff we will at all times reflect a professional image which compliments our customers and the products we carry.
  12. When collecting or delivering vehicles from our customers’ dealership premises we will be obliging, courteous and helpful to all their staff.
  13. Vehicles carried on our transporters will only be secured by the manufacturers’ approved tie-down points.