Quality and efficiency - The combination for success


A damage free, reliable and professional service.
The maximising of human and mechanical resources and the reduction of wastages.
Customer satisfaction.

Quality is Achieved Through

Our drivers and staff are the core of our success. People who inherently share our same basic values are identified by their job attitude, quality awareness and respect for our customers and their products.
Ensuring all personnel receive instruction in the correct use of equipment, product handling and customer requirements prior to commencement of work.
The commitment and co-operation of each individual to work to the best of their abilities to achieve overall success.
Providing a fair system of rewards and penalties for performance and under performance.

Efficiency is Achieved Through

The efficient and industrious management of: an intelligent, skilful and dynamic workforce, married to reliable and versatile equipment.
An environment where employees share success and enjoy the enhancement of their workplace through a corporate policy of reinvestment in new equipment and facilities.
Maintaining a forward perspective of the future needs of our customers; pioneering developments by encouraging innovative thinking and embracing new concepts which place us at the forefront of our markets.
Promoting cost awareness through a workforce who must be self-accountable for their actions and who recognise a responsibility to colleagues and to the company for proper care of customers’ vehicles and company equipment. A common understanding that damage and wastages caused through negligence, laziness or abuse, is commercially unacceptable, produces a negative effect on profits, and is to the detriment of our company and all its employees.
The level of demand for our services is the measure of achievement and success. Our customers are the lifeblood of our company. They are our judges and our ultimate employers.